Refund Policy

 If you decide to cancel a membership your services will be active until your membership period ends.This is unless you request a refund at which point your services will cease at the time of the refund request. If you are offered a special trial period by your sales team, and after the trial period is over you decide not to continue with our services, refund policies are as follows. The payment plan you chose you will be refunded MINUS a dispatch fee of 10% covering every load booked on our behalf AND any admin expenses for membership services rendered during trial.

 If the cost of services during your trial exceeded your payment plan, KyeLogistics will charge you for remainder of services rendered during trial. Refunds are ONLY ALLOWED UP TO 9 days into your membership, if you pass this length no refund will be issued, and you will be billed for any excess services that exceeded your payment.

For more information regarding the KyeLogistics Refund Policy please call 917-508-0216.